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Have you ever looked at something in California's education system and thought: Who made this decision? Why does this policy exist? What were they thinking?

Teachers are in a privileged position. From the classroom working directly with students, they not only see the problems in our public education system first-hand; they also see solutions. Teachers have invaluable insights, but too often their voices aren't being heard. This is especially true for charter school teachers who teach at schools that are making great strides but are still often misunderstood by politicians, community leaders, and the general public.

That's why the California Charter Schools Association Advocates (CCSA Advocates) has launched the Teacher Advocacy Fellowship. The Teacher Advocacy Fellowship is a ten-month, cohort-based program designed to empower charter school teachers to step forward as leaders in their community and advocates for their students. Initially it will be based in Los Angeles and Sacramento. In this Teacher Advocacy Fellowship, you will:

  • Build Your Knowledge: Deepen your understanding of the laws and policies that impact charter schools and their students.
  • Build Your Skills: Discover who controls the levers of power in your community, what will get their attention, and how to build a case for the changes you want.
  • Build Your Power: Create an advocacy project to inspire change in your community.
  • Build the Movement: Grow a network of informed and inspired leaders who will make a difference for the schools and students in your community.

This program will not only help you connect your classroom experience to the policies being made in Sacramento and in your local district, but it will empower you with the knowledge and skills to become a true teacher leader, representing your school and charter teachers across the state.

Applications for the fellowship are due by Monday, March 3, 2014.

Apply for the fellowship or refer a teacher.

For more information, contact Keith Dell'Aquila, Director of Teacher Engagement, at or 213-864-6310.