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Starting a charter school in your community can be one of your most rewarding professional experiences. The charter school movement needs motivated and visionary leaders to drive positive change in education for the next generation; can your team be that group that opens the next innovative school program?

Join us Online!

Our How to Start a Charter School webinar is free, and there is always one coming up soon. You'll learn:

  • What a charter school is and what it isn't
  • What the "development process" entails
  • The basics of charter school funding
  • How the approval process works

And of course you'll have an opportunity to ask your own questions. Register today!

Give us a Call!

Contact one of our regional representatives and speak to someone who understands the unique charter school landscape in your region.

North Coast and Bay Area
Kristen McCaw, Director, School Development
(916) 448-0995, ext 419

Northeast and Central Valley
Norman Gonzales, Manager, School Development
(916) 448-0995 ext 335

Southern California
Jennifer Reiter-Cook, Manager, School Development
(866) 411-2272, ext 503

Los Angeles
Sam Gelinas, Senior Manager, School Development
(213) 244-1446, ext 220

How We Can Help Your Team

We will provide you and your team with the necessary skills and resources to start a high-quality charter school. Membership provides:

  • Expert guidance through the petitioning and school development process
  • Help navigating the local political landscape
  • Immediate access to a wealth of tools, resources and sample documents
  • Connection with robust network of charter school operators, developers and support providers

Just can't wait to jump in and learn more?

Here are a few resources to whet your appetite. We hope to hear from you soon!