Charter Renewal and Closure

The charter school renewal process is similar to the initial charter school petition process, but there are substantial differences. Renewal applications must meet the same legal requirements and cover all the required elements of a charter petition, but in addition, they must include renewal criteria demonstrating school progress and success, including state API data. Additionally, there may be recently added requirements not addressed in the previous petition application which will need to be included in the renewal petition. The resources available on this page have been developed to assist schools through this process.

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Understanding California Charter Renewal and Authorization processes

    • Charter Renewal: Overview

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      In order to continue operating, every charter must be re-authorized (or renewed) every five years. Despite the similarities between the initial approval process and the renewal process, there are several substantial differences.

      Published May 29, 2012. Last Modified May 29, 2012
    • Preparing for Charter Renewal

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      The process of preparing for charter renewal is similar to the strategic planning process of almost any successful business or organization.

      Published July 21, 2014. Last Modified July 21, 2014

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