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2014 Portrait of the Movement Press Kit

CCSA’s 4th Annual Portrait of the Movement report tells the story of what has happened in California’s charter school movement over the past five years, why it has happened, and what can be done to ensure continued growth and momentum in the sector.

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2013-14 New Schools Press Kit

Growth in California charter schools continues to gain momentum as over 500,000 students enroll in charters, and an estimated 50,000 students remain on waiting lists.

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2012-13 New Schools Press Kit

In the fall of 2012-13, California saw 109 new charter schools opening their doors at the beginning of the school year. The number of new schools pushed the total of charter schools in California to 1,065, the largest number of charters in any state in the country.

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2012 National Charter Schools Week

Press kit for the 2012 National Charter Schools Week, including press release, daily blogs, and success stories celebrating 20 years of California Charter Schools.

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2011-12 New Schools Press Kit

Despite incredible budget challenges, 100 new charter schools opened their doors across the state in 2011-12, while enrollment surged by more than 13%, from 365364,000 024 students in 2010-11 to over 412,000 students. This growth brings the total number of charters in California to 982—the largest of any state in the nation.

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African American Student Performance in Charters Report Press Kit

CCSA has published a research report which details the performance and enrollment trends of African American students in both charter public and traditional public schools.

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Portrait of the Movement Press Kit

CCSA’s first annual Portrait of the Movement report is now available. The report details charter schools’ academic performance using the new Similar Students Measure (SSM) and an expanded accountability framework, both of which utilize existing state achievement data. Portrait of…

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2010-11 New Schools Press Kit

California charter schools continue to grow in popularity, and register unparalleled growth.

In the fall of 2010-11, California saw its most significant increase, with 115 new charter schools opening their doors at the beginning of the school year.

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17th Annual Conference

The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) held its 17th Annual Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center from March 1 to March 4, 2010….

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New CEO Announcement

On December 15, the California Charter Schools Association announced that Jed Wallace, the Chief Operating Officer at the nationally-renowned High Tech High charter school organization based in San Diego, was selected by its Board of Directors to serve as its…

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2009-10 New Schools Press Kit

California charter schools are experiencing explosive growth, roughly 20 percent growth for two years in a row. This consistent growth is phenomenal given this tough economic climate and it speaks to the choices that both parents and teachers are making and their demand for high-quality educational options. The solid growth in charter school enrollment demonstrates that parents - and teachers - realize charters are mainstream options.”

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