September 2012

Roseland Charter School Receives $150,000 From AT&T for Destination College Goals

Roseland Charter School receives AT&T grant.

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Fact Sheet: Charter Myths vs Reality

Despite the success of charter schools, or perhaps because of it, misconceptions abound about what charter schools are and what they do. This fact sheet addresses several common myths about charter schools.

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9/21/12 Charter News Round-Up

Charter News Round-Up blog reviews top news stories highlighting California charter schools for the week ending on 9/21/12.

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Parents Advocate in Force At The LAUSD Board Room To Fight For Choice And Charters

On September 11, 2012, LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer introduced a resolution to limit choices for parents by not allowing the board to hear any petitions for new charter schools.

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CCSA Launches Charter School Facilities Initiative

Charter school laws across the country, including California, place the burden of obtaining and paying for facilities on the charter schools themselves. As a result, charter schools often struggle to find adequate and affordable facilities, and charter leaders routinely identify…

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Charter Schools Have A Chance To Obtain Surplus Property

In California, charter schools not only receive less funding than traditional public schools, many also face challenges simply acquiring facilities.

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Facilities Bonds Proposed Across The State

The November 6 elections are quickly approaching, and in many areas, voters will be deciding not only the Presidential outcome but also facilities bonds

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Proposition 39 Facilities Application Period Underway

Many charter schools across the state submit applications to their districts every year in an effort to secure space, and under Prop. 39, districts are required to provide reasonably equivalent facilities.

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CCSA Kicks-Off 20th Anniversary Celebrations At The San Carlos Charter Learning Center

Students were treated to a bit of history on the charter schools movement, as CCSA officially kicked-off the 20th Anniversary of California Charter Schools with a news conference and celebration.

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CCSA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Charter Schools with Statewide Events

Over the next several weeks, CCSA will be participating in a series of local events in cities like San Diego, Oakland, San Jose, Fresno, Butte and Chico, which will celebrate the contributions charters have made to education, and engage charter school supporters to collectively raise awareness on the issues that impact us all.

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September 2012 Message to Members from Jed Wallace

Welcome to the new school year! By now, charter schools throughout California have begun classes, and are well on their way to having a wonderful year. We are too!

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Charter Teacher Champions: Opportunities for Teachers to Get Involved Outside the Classroom

Imagine if all charter teachers in the state of California advocated for their schools.

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New School Year, New Charters

Students across California headed back to school in the past few weeks, with several charter schools opening their doors across the state.

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CCSA Statement on Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Program

Press statement from Jed Wallace, president and CEO, CCSA, on Transitional Kindergarten and charter schools.

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New Education Database Helps You Navigate Education Policy, Funders, Technology and More

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) recently launched an innovative education database system, the Education Resource Information Navigator Project (ERIN Project). The web-based system is free and open to the public.

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Three Things Every School Can Do to Promote Civic Engagement

As schools, we have an incredible opportunity to engage the community in voting. CCSA has launched a new campaign and toolkit to make it easy!

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L.A. Times Editorial: Private School Students Choosing Charters Is Reason To Celebrate

Los Angeles Times Editorial on private school students choosing to attend charters in greater numbers.

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